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ISO norms
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   The ISO norms

  The ISO norms


ISO Norms 


To ensure food safety, the traceability of the agri-food sector has recently been found in some ISO standards. It appears for the first time in the ISO 22000 standard that addresses the management of food safety. This standard describes the traceability that must be a way to know the information about each product that is being processed. 


Recently, the agri-food sector has emerged in ISO 22005 which specifies the design and implementation of a traceability system in the food chain. This standard is intended to enable all actors in the food chain to track the flow of materials and the different stages of production, access the necessary documentation and coordination between the various stakeholders.


barcode and food industry 

The last cases of foodborne outbreaks have allowed the entry of traceability in ISO for safety standards. It was found that food hazards can be introduced at any stage of the food chain. To eradicate it, we needed more control and monitoring of goods. It is for this reason that the traceability system was put in place. This allows:

  • Avoidance of food crises: We are now able to achieve targeted withdrawals of hazardous products. For the case of farmers, it avoids the destruction of entire herds without knowing exactly what the problem is,
  • To dismantle and ensure the quality of products throughout the food chain,
  • An easier identification of products. With this system, each actor in the food chain knows the origins of the product,
  • To eliminate errors in information transmission between the different actors.


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